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Our First-Ever Online Inspirational Talk by Elite Athlete Amid the Rising Wave of Coronavirus

Striving to become a world champion require years of blood, sweat and tear, which is hardly imaged by us. One of our motivational speakers, Mr. Kyle Choi, who is the former Hong Kong Cycling Representative in London Olympic Games and the World Cycling Champion, had been experiencing countless ups and downs throughout his professional cycling career. When facing challenges and adversity, how did he defy the odds and relentlessly pursue excellent performance?

Recently, Talent Academy proudly presented its first-ever online Elite Athlete Inspirational Talk. Under the unabated COVID-19 outbreak, Kyle shared his inspiring stories with a group of talent of a listed utility company through a live broadcast. The participants were deeply inspired by how Kyle had overcome adversity during his cycling journey with the four indispensable elements – passion, talent, discipline and resilience - and his positive mindset. Here are some of his winning quotes:

  1. Passion is our engine. Missions and goals are our fuel.

  2. Discover our strengths first, then put efforts into nourishing them.

  3. Going through a rough patch allow us to realize and address our shortcomings for future success.

  4. Look on the bright side of things that we do not like so that we can explore new interests and widen our horizons.

  5. Dare to think and do. The greater our visions, the greater the opportunities.

  6. Success belongs to those who persist.

  7. If we are determined to focus on our goals, we will be able to overcome difficulties easier and achieve our goals sooner.

The live broadcast was interactive and participants even had a chance to assess their muscle strength online together. Kyle’s sharing was very encouraging, making participants grit their teeth when pursuing their career dreams.

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