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Official Launch of Our First "Corporate Train-The-Virtual Trainer (TTVT) Certification Program"

With the CONVID-19 outbreak and the advancement of technology, many corporations are seeking ways to move in-person training to virtual platforms in order to help employees keep learning while working remotely. Delivering training online is different from doing face-to-face training. The surge in demand for virtual training has therefore posed a real challenge to training professionals. They may find it difficult to transfer the real classroom training into highly impactful, interactive and engaging online programs. There is no doubt that effective online training requires new skills and competencies of trainers, such as the abilities to adopt a blend of learning modalities to keep participants interested and engaged in the virtual classrooms.

Recently, we proudly launched our first Corporate Train-The-Virtual-Trainer (TTVT) Certification Program to a group of in-house trainers from one of the world’s largest cosmetics and skincare companies, helping them to take on the challenge while turning them into effective virtual trainers. By the end of the virtual certification program, the participants are able to:

1. Understand the essentials for becoming a successful virtual trainer.

2. Equipped with the necessary knowledge of program design and tools to convert the face-to-face training into virtual training.

3. Use a variety of tools and techniques for greater audience engagement in the virtual classrooms.

4. Acquire knowledge about how to deliver effective presentation on the virtual platform.

To ensure participants are able to apply the knowledge and skills they have learnt, they are required to complete post-program assignments, followed by immediate coaching and feedback.

If you are thinking about transforming your trainers into professional virtual trainers, simply drop us a line at and find out more about how we can meet your needs with our suite of virtual learning solutions.

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