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Welcome Aboard, our Newly Joined Professional Team Members!

Talent Academy’s mission is to serve our clients and create values by providing the highest quality professional learning solutions that address their different needs. In view of this, we have been striving to raise the bar by attracting and inviting talented people to join our professional team.

It’s our great privilege to have invited the following professional consultants and star speakers to join our professional team:

Mr. Hillman Chung, Consultant

• 30 years of solid experience in Human Resources and Consulting

• Former Head of Human Resources of Different Business Units in Hong Kong

• Specialty: Leadership & Management Development, Coaching

Mr. Jetta Chan, Consultant

• 15 years of solid training experience in Retail Leadership, Sales & Services and Team Development

• Former Regional Training Head of a Luxury Watch Brand

• Specialty: Team Development, Presentation & Communication, Sales & Services

Mr. Kyle Choi, Star Speaker

• Former Olympic and Hong Kong Cycling Representative

• World Cycling Champion in Madison Race

• Silver medal winner in cycling at the Asian Games

• Keynote Speech: Journey to Become the World Champion

Mr. Anthony Lee, Star Speaker

• A Globally recognized professional in Karate, Olympic Weight Lifting and Nutrition & Weight Management

• A Certified Professional Personal Fitness Trainer and a Corrective Exercise Specialist

• Signature program: Physical Well-being at Workplace

To know more about professional team members and to explore how we can address your training needs, simply click on this link or contact us at


Talent Academy 的使命是透過為客戶提供最高質素的專業學習解決方案,以満足他們不同的需求並創造價值;因此,我們一直致力吸引和邀請有才能的人士加入我們的專業團隊來提高標準。


Mr. Hillman Chung - 專業顧問

•擁有30 年跨行業人力資源/顧問經驗



Mr. Jetta Chan-專業顧問




Mr. Kyle Choi-星級演講嘉賓





Mr. Anthony Lee-星級演講嘉賓




想進一步認識我們專業團隊的成員及了解我們可以如何滿足你的培訓需要,只需點擊此鏈接http:// 或通過與我們聯絡。

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