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New is the year, new are the hopes. My New Book Release for a Good Cause. - Matchy Ma, Director

To start anew in the Year of Tiger, I’m excited to announce the release of my new book “In Search of Your Talents” (Chinese book title《尋找你的天賦》).

In collaboration with Beryl Chan, an illustrator and our ex-summer intern, this book explores in a fun, visual and insightful way why we need to discover our unique talents and how to make the most of these strengths in work and personal life for greater motivation and satisfaction. Thanks to Beryl who has turned our company logo into lively cartoon characters to illustrate different job-related talents in an easy-to-understand manner.

Apart from giving readers a deeper understanding about their own unique talents, this book also connects to a CSR purpose. We now offer FREE copies for any direct donations to Heep Hong Society, our long-term CSR partner. Established in 1963, Heep Hong Society has been helping children and young people of different abilities identify and unleash their full potential, which resonates with our beliefs about strength-based development.

To support our act of kindness, simply send an email to, or call us at 3728-1248 to get a free copy. Once you have received the book, you can make a direct donation to Heep Hong’s Children and Youth Training Fund by scanning the donation QR code there.

Together we can help children and young people with diverse needs develop their best and create brighter futures.

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