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Mindfulness in Mandala Art

You may have been fascinated by mandala’s beautiful “circle with a center” patterns. In fact, research shows that mandala-drawing can be used as a therapeutic intervention to improve mental health. Carl Jung, one of the most prominent psychiatrists in history, explored the psychological effects of mandalas and suggested that the act of drawing mandalas had a calming and healing effect on its creator. During the drawing process, it not only promotes self-awareness and self-expression of the unconscious in form of creativity , but also creates mindfulness through stillness, intense focus and a peaceful mind, hence psychological healing.

Have you ever imagined that you and your colleagues can actually practice mindfulness at workplace through mandala art to improve mental health? Participants from a multinational bank recently experienced the benefits of practicing mindfulness and drawing mandalas in a two-hour workshop. They were amazed to find that each and every one of them was able to create their mandalas by following simple steps as instructed by Ms. Shirley Lam, our consultant and the founder of Mandala Party. They all enjoyed the relaxing moment while reawakening themselves to the present during the mandala journey.

If you are interested to know how mindfulness and mandala art can help enhance your colleagues’ psychological well-being, simply contact us at to find out more.

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