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Is the Leadership Transition Journey Never Easy?

When we work towards advancing our careers, as is commonly referred to as “climbing up the corporate ladder”, we often start at the bottom as an individual contributor where we build a foundation of critical technical skills. Once we start moving up the ladder from a solo contributor to a higher-level management role, our responsibilities and exposure increase. These include, but not limited to, leading and developing our own teams, working with cross-teams and a wide array of different stakeholders, and influencing and working with senior management for positive outcomes.

These changes resulted from the transition not only bring us exciting new experiences but also challenges and anxiety, as we must be able to demonstrate our abilities to work effectively with different people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, thought processes, working styles, etc.

To successfully move from managing self to working with others, new mindsets and skill sets are more critical than ever for managers to attain both the career and organizational success.

The journey to the top is never easy, and we are here to help.

Recently, our two seasoned consultants, Mr Hillman Chung and Ms Fonnie Wong, designed and delivered a Leadership Foundation Program for a multi-national biopharmaceutical company, in which they made use of the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™, a widely leveraged research-based personality assessment, to help new managers understand their personality traits and leadership styles. Riding on the results of the psychometric tests, these managers went through a series of impactful and practical learning sessions that aimed to equip them with the essential mindsets, skill sets and toolsets to effectively transition from individual contributors to leaders. Following the group training, our consultants also worked one-on-one with each participant to help them identify their own talents and address specific personal challenges they have confronted with during the transition.

We have tailor-made solutions that can help your first-time managers thrive. Send us an email and tell us your specific needs!

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