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Influence People like the Flu

Before we introduce you our program, we would like to give you a challenge – try to ask and influence your boss to give you a free lunch to see how good you are at influencing people.

Three…two…not one but seven!

What is it? “327” is actually a code which all participants have learnt through our “Influencing Excellence at Workplace” program. It was once said by Kenneth H. Blanchard, the author of The One Minute Manager, that “the key to successful leadership is influence, not authority.” Yet how many of you are clear, or even mastering the techniques of influencing?

Influence is ubiquitous yet a very vague term because everything has its influence. May we ask you a question, what affects your emotion today? Is it your colleagues, or your friends and family? Some may even say the weather or the traffic jam. Something as inconspicuous as the noise from the traffic light can already make you feel mad when you are rushing for work. So, what is the influence a human being, who is big and capable of doing a myriad of works, like you can cause to others?

In our unique 4-hour “Influencing Excellence at Workplace” program, we inspired our participants to look from different perspectives to see how influence works and therefore how they can make a better use of it. A range of styles and skills were taught and instilled in their minds during the first part of the workshop. Then, practices and roleplay were held to let the participants get a hands-on experience so that they could fully understand the difference among the skills and how to really apply them in a real-case scenario.

After all, are you having a free lunch? If no, why not contact us via and let us equip you with the skills to influence people like the flu.

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