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[Female Engineer Network Event] Facilitation

Workplace diversity refers to the variety of differences, such as gender, races, education, etc., among people in an organization. Organizations can benefit from workplace diversity, if well managed, in many ways. For example, a greater variety of perspectives can lead to greater creativity and better decisions in a company. Nowadays, more women are entering traditionally male-dominated occupations like engineers. How can companies in the male-dominated industries promote the inclusion of female talent in the workplace, helping them to thrive while benefitting from their skills and expertise?

Mr. Matchy Ma, our Principle Consultant, worked with a listed electric company to support the implementation of its gender diversity strategy. A 4-day networking event was held for its female engineers with the opportunities not only to interact with senior management, but also to build relationships with each other. Under Matchy’s facilitation, participants were able to gain deeper insights into the company’s diversity strategy, the essence of diversity, business directions and initiatives, and how they can contribute to the company's success as female engineers. At the end, they were also able to come up with concrete actions plans on how to sustain the coherence of the Female Engineer Network in the future.

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