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Developing High-Calibre Talent in the Virtual World During the Pandemic

Over the past few years, we have been supporting a listed utility company in developing their female engineers in the Asia Pacific Region, that includes countries like Australia, China, Hong Kong and India. The traditional one-week development program designed and facilitated by us is comprised of a variety of topics and activities, such as leadership development, executive forum, business case studies, company visits, team building, etc.

This year, owing to the pandemic, we shifted the program from face-to-face to virtual, while spreading the sessions over a 5-month period. Riding on the shift and technological advancement, we took the opportunity to review and enhance the program with the intention of providing a richer learning experience.

For example, overseas consultants were invited to bring in new insights and fresh perspectives for the female engineers. We are glad to have invited Ms. Wendy Wand, one of our consultants based in Singapore who is an expert specializing in resilience development, to deliver a session called “Resilience for Growth”. This program aims at enabling further leaders to choose mindsets and habits that increase resilience, leading to greater confidence and internal capacities for authentic leadership.

Apart from this, we also organized a series of monthly webinars for the female engineers, allowing them not only to learn from local subject matter experts but also gain deeper business insights that could help them create entrepreneurial mindsets.

To make the program even more exciting and enable future leaders to build stronger connections, we designed a brand-new virtual team building event - Bomb Defusal Game - to create an impactful, unforgettable team building experience.

The future leaders were amazed by how the virtual talent development program helped them develop the skills, knowledge, and connections they would need to achieve their full potentials. Our client was fully satisfied with the training outcomes achieved.

With our high-impact, innovative, need-based virtual training solutions, developing your high-calibre talent during COVID-19 is absolutely possible. Simply contact us at to find out more.

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