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[Talent Academy CSR - Supporting Non-Chinese Speaking Secondary School Students for Job Shadowing]

It is our pleasure to provide life planning education activities for the non-Chinese Speaking Secondary School Students, co-organized by Caritas Youth & Community Service and Education Bureau.

In 2021, we provided job shadowing opportunities for two secondary students who join our corporate group coaching sessions as well as get a taste of a consultant work life.

One of the students, Marcus Cheng, shares his feeling and learning after the job shadowing.

"Fascinating. That’s the word that kept on appearing in my mind during the whole job shadowing event. I was initially very nervous but also very eager to attend today’s work. I did expect to learn a thing or two about Matchy’s occupation but what I didn’t expect is to have my interest in psychology grow exponentially. At the beginning I was still unsure whether I was really interested in psychology but after watching Matchy and Edith coach their client, I am quite certain that psychology is the subject for me.

Before I arrived at the rendezvous I was really stressed. Although I knew what today’s job entailed, I was worried about my performance. My stuttering problem, to be precise. Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad as I thought and I ended up learning about another possible career option. Matchy’s line of work is a tad different from what I would like to do in the future yet I still learned a few useful techniques from him, including his ability to present himself in a confident manner without a hint of arrogance.

Today I watched Matchy and Edith coach and analyse their client’s talents and weaknesses. During the coaching session, I have jot down some notes about what they have discussed and observed how Matchy coached his clients. Albeit I wasn’t at the previous briefing session and was sort of an outsider, Matchy made an effort to make me feel included. Regardless of whether it was intentional, I did feel included and felt needed in the session despite my lack of contribution to the session. That is an example of an important leadership skill that I have learned from today. Moreover, on the subject of solidifying my interest in psychology, I am really glad that I came today because I would have definitely regretted it if I didn’t. I realized that I am not as interested in anything else than I am in topics that are related to what happens inside a human’s mind. What makes a human mind tick, what makes a human behave in a certain way, et cetera. I have considered studying other subjects or courses but psychology is the only one that can keep me interested.

I’d like to thank today’s job shadowing experience as I have also realized one of my strengths. Personally, I have never really thought of myself as a person of great strength in any way. Until today when Edith mentioned that awareness is one of the most difficult and important things to do when it comes to improving, I found out that I am actually quite self-aware. So self-aware that sometimes it can be a dark side for me as I can become very self-conscious. It is a strength of mine nonetheless and I will learn to better utilise it.

I am very honoured to have worked with such great professionals and I am very much inspired by Matchy. I can tell that he is not only a talented psychologist but also a wise mentor when it comes to presenting oneself. I would be very pleased if I could keep in contact with Matchy in the future for further advice regarding psychology.

A big thank you to the people who made this happen and especially to Matchy!"

We wish the students the very BEST in their career and life journey ahead.

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