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Changes are Part of Lifelong Learning

“Change can be tough, but I’ve never heard anyone say it wasn’t worth it.” Carol Dweck, Growth Mindset.

Most of us are looking to clamber up the career ladder, have you thought of moving along the career “lattice”? In mathematics, a lattice is a multi-dimensional structure that extends infinitely in any direction. In the corporate world, it is a career progression pathway that allows for vertical, horizontal, and diagonal growth. It signifies a multitude of opportunities for employees to develop. Our Principal Consultant, Mr. Matchy Ma, hosted a virtual training for employees from one of the top insurance companies, to apply the “growth mindset” and look at their career with new eyes from “working for others” to “upholding the ownership of self-development”.

This change of mindset wasn’t easy. On top of enhancing trainees’ awareness of the market trends and workplace dynamics at the macro level, Matchy strived to enrich their self-awareness and strategic planning at the micro level. Trainees voiced out their post-pandemic challenges as part of the insurance company, that reinventing customer experience becomes the key in this intensely digitized business environment. Whereas their roles expanded and there are no one-way guidelines from supervisors, there is a need to upskill and reskill.

In a parallel fashion, the spirit of continuous learning to beef up their skills lies in the hungry minds who are open to feedback. This training enabled employees to be aware that, instead of static top-down communications in a hierarchical structure, lattice organizations nurture transparent cultures with the profound belief in “leaders at all levels”, providing multiple ways for them to participate in the co-creation of added values. In other words, they learnt that the workforce has transformed from “staying” in place (survival and stability) to “searching” for meaning, in which the training aims to cultivate.

Speaking of feedback, various of them show how impactful the virtual training was despite the short duration akin to how long-time dedication and loyalty don’t necessarily lead to progression in the new age, rather, those who joined shortly but create great impact with newly driven initiatives often gain the upper hand. The training was a great success as it not only made trainees aware of the need to change, but instilled their desire to act upon changes. Rather than self-talking “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” into stagnation, they are more willing to exercise their rights of trials and pick up new skills - which is to break out of their comfort zones, embrace honest feedback from seniors to improve their blind spots, and take on new challenges in their career milestones.

In this era of digital disruption, “lifelong employability” turns old-fashioned and even obsolete, but “lifelong learning” still withstands the age of time - and it requires constant change and breakthroughs of the self.

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