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Beyond Emceeing - Raising Visibility and Profile at Work

I reminisced about the moment when I emceed the annual dinner for my first employer after graduation, my heart was pounding with joy but also nervousness. I knew if I could win over my audience, that included my boss and co-workers, with a positive impression through my stage presence and confidence, I could build my creditability that might become a starting point to a world of opportunity for my career advancement – it’s definitely something beyond emceeing. And, I was proven right.

I am always delighted to share my success story with young people and help them climb up their career ladders. Over the last seven years, I have been supporting the graduate trainees of a listed company in developing their emceeing skills in hopes of turning them into professional corporate emcees. This year, more than 60 graduate trainees joined my one-day emcee training program. I hope I have set them up to shine on stage and at work!

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