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Being Mindful - A Path to Better Employee Emotional Well-Being

“Health is a state of mind. Wellness is a state of being.”

According to Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, one of the most highly cited scholars in psychology and most known for her “broaden-and-build theory of positive emotions", too many negative interactions compared to positive interactions at work can lower team productivity. "How much positivity is enough? How much do I need to have to generally be a positive person?" The research reveals that we should "aim for a positivity ratio of at least 3 to 1". It means for every heart-wrenching negative emotional experience you endure, you should experience at least three heartfelt positive emotional experiences in order to uplift you.

Negative emotions, such as anger, envy, worry and anxious, can adversely affect employees' morale, job performance and productivity. On the contrary, positive emotions, such as joy, calm, surprise and gratitude, help promote employee engagement, performance and job satisfaction. Dr. Fredrickson found that experiencing positive emotions not only broaden people's minds, but it also builds their resourcefulness in ways that help them become more resilient to adversity and effortlessly achieve what they once could only imagine.

Mindfulness is one of the proven scientific and research-based interventions to help employees manage their emotions and enhance their abilities in dealing with everyday struggles. A simple 10 to 15-minute daily mindfulness practice at workplace can boost up our positivity, reduce stress and broaden our horizon.

Watch this TVB documentary Mindfulness for Executives to learn about how executives can benefit from practicing mindfulness:

Our mindfulness program is available in different duration to meet specific needs, ranging from a 2-hour lunch and learn session to a 8-Week Mindfulness program (

It is conducted by Ms.Katy Mok, our consulting psychologist, who is a seasoned mindfulness practitioner and teacher. Katy has been supporting a variety of corporations to incorporate mindfulness into their employee development programs.

Want to know how to improve your employees' emotional well-being through mindfulness? Simply contact us at to find out what suits them best.

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