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An Inspiring Story of an Elite Athlete that Proves Changing Career Paths is Always Possible

There is always a range of possibilities in this shape-shifting world. Whatever the current issues with your career, you may think of a total transformation – a career change. However, making a bold move can be terrifying. So, what does it take to step out of the cushy comfort zone and pursue a career change?

As we all know, a career as a financial consultants can be rewarding given the flexibility of work schedules and unlimited earning potential. The caveat, however, is the keen competition and the high-stress environment of the industry, which represent a major roadblock for those who want to career-change into the industry.

Recently, one of Hong Kong's most well-established life insurance companies invited Mr. Kyle Choi, our distinguished speaker, the former Hong Kong Cycling Representative in London Olympic Game and the World Cycling Champion, to bring his inspiring athlete story to a group of job seekers, who are interested in joining the insurance industry, through an online career seminar. Kyle spoke with them about his decision to leave his full-time athlete career and journey as an entrepreneur who runs a bike shop and a cycle training center, which is later proven to be a successful career transition.

Running a startup is never easy. During the transition, he had faced enormous challenges; however, with the personal traits of an elite athlete – courage, determination, passion, resilience and single-mindedness, he refused to be beaten. His sharing on how he overcame obstacles and defied the odds undoubtedly tugged at the heartstrings of the participants. At the end of the seminar, they were able to realize that a career transition may seem daunting in the short-term, but it may also offer them an opportunity to achieve a bigger success in life.

Kyle is a motivational speaker who inspires people from all walks of life with his athleticism. His sharing is always authentic, motivating and inspiring. You will be aspired to dream big and become more resilient and agile in pursuit of your career dreams.

If you are looking for a motivational speaker for your next corporate event, simply contact us via to find out more about how we can meet your needs.

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