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A Good Beginning is Half Way to Success

The first impression has always been deemed important because you only have one for each person. While many of us only see such a concept in personal interaction, they have missed the bigger picture.

Impression management, or we say it in a more common way, branding, is now indispensable no matter externally or internally. By internal, we mean how a company create a proper culture that suits their management style and industry. And as we have just said, the first impression is of uttermost importance in creating such a perception. That is why nowadays on-boarding program should not just include a walk-around in the office and an ordinary introduction of the company because these things do not create a good impression.

Recently, Talent Academy has held a one-day on-boarding program to a well-established electric company. The program allowed their young and fresh employees to know more about themselves and others, recognize their goals in their position, discover how to perform well when they enter their position later and lastly get an experience of how to build a good team. The full-day workshop was fully filled with meaning and joy, and it is hoped that it will be the same for their journey afterwards in the company.

Feeling interested in how to make a good on-boarding workshop for your new joiners? Don’t hesitate to contact us via

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