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From Ordinary to Extra-ordinary Training

Ever wondered what sets apart an ordinary training program from an extraordinary one? It's often those little extras that make all the difference. My partner Christopher and I constantly ponder, "Even though we've run this program countless times, how can we spice it up?" The answer? Embrace the motto: "Try Something Different!"

When our aim is to enhance learners' experiences and ensure the training truly sticks, why not shake things up and experiment?

Recently, we had a blast designing and facilitating a strengths-based leadership program for a Regional Digital Technology team within a luxury brand. We kicked things up a notch by introducing a brand-new set of talent cards. These cards proved to be the perfect catalyst for enriching leadership conversations, seamlessly bridging the gap between theory and real-world application.

And that's not all! We design a visual template that allowed the entire leadership team to map out their thoughts, feelings, and strategies for conquering their 2024 Vision, Mission, and OKRs. With just a sprinkle of creativity and effort, we managed to transform learning into an engaging, relevant experience and provided a roadmap to carry that learning far beyond the confines of the classroom.

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