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Being Smart With Emotions is Key to Leadership Excellence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) remains to be a sought-after topics in leadership training. First of all, EQ is at least 2 times more important than IQ and personal capabilities in career and team success. Being smart with our emotions is particularly crucial in recent years, as trust and togetherness are spiraling down in the workplace, while levels of stress and frustration are reaching new heights.

Good news is that enhancing EQ is easy and fun. Talent Academy has come up with a sophisticated experiential learning process, engineered by world renowned 'EQ six seconds' framework and 'Mindfulness for workplace' techniques. Leaders and managers will learn to identify and manage their own emotions and the emotions of others. Specifically, they will acquire three very useful skills, including navigation of emotional patterns, consequential thinking for problem solving and mindfulness for body-mind management.

Our professional trainers, Matchy Ma, Katy Mok and Fonnie Wong, have extensive experiences in EQ training, counselling and coaching, so participants can be rest assured that both the emotions of themselves and their teams will be handled with care.

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