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Keep Calm and Stay Positive!

Do you know who has created the most popular course in Harvard’s history? We bet you have never thought of this person as he does not come from the highly-sought after discipline – Economics, but a rather lesser-known one, Positive Psychology.

He is Tal Ben-Shahar, who attracted over 1400 Harvard students in the spring of 2006 and they were craving for only one course: Positive Psychology.

Positive psychology is not only being more well-known in the field of psychology but also the business world. As Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, once said ‘A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.’ Financial reward is not the sole concern for companies nowadays, let alone in the mindsets of their employees. People are now more concerned about, more ever than before, the culture of a company. This is not something any business concept can help you, but where, we Talent Academy are professional in.

We recently have delivered a 2-hour lunch-and-learn session on positive psychology in a top and world-leading insurance company. Such a program covers how the Tal Ben-Shahar’s Happiness Model, the meaning, pleasure and strength (MPS) process and other psychological concepts can be applied in the workplace. Please do not be afraid that all these become a lecture as the 2-hour program is fully-filled with engaging yet insightful activities which allows the participants to enjoy and most vitally, identify work that they find meaningful, pleasurable and they are good at.

Want your employees to be happier thus being more productive? Please do not hesitate to contact us via

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