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[ VMV - Vision, Mission, Value ] Program

VMV? Vanilla, Melon, Vegetable? Vietnam, Macau, Venice?

No! No! No!

VMV—“Vision, Mission, Value”

Have you question the difference between vision and mission? Or even questioning the necessity of having the existence of them?

Knowing company’s VMV provides motivation for employees to work, to guide and to align employees to the right work direction. Our consultant, Mr. Matchy Ma, engaged a group of managers from a well-known bank to reinforce and strengthen their understanding towards their respective VMV. Through interactive group activities, strategies were developed for turning these values into actions and behaviors suitable for implementation.

“Vision animates, inspires, transforms purpose into action.” - Warren Bennis

Don’t doubt the need and existence of these important elements, each and every one of them provide a path for both company and individual employee to work towards the same goal in their unique working attitudes.

Use of Creative Art form to express VMV!

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