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Positive Welling "Mirco Mezzo & Macro Recovery"

In their insightful book, “The Power of Full Engagement,” Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz emphasize that productivity isn't just about managing time; it's about managing energy. No matter how much time we have, without the energy to focus on crucial tasks, productivity takes a hit. Daily stress compounds this issue, but the real key isn't stress management itself—it's effective recovery.

So, how do we keep our energy levels up and stress levels down throughout the workday? The answer lies in the golden rule of "Recovery." Inspired by positive psychology, we've got three types: Micro (minutes, hours), Mezzo (nights, days), and Macro (weeks, months).

For Micro recovery, sprinkle short breaks throughout your day. Research suggests that for every 60-120 minutes of work, 15 minutes of recovery time works wonders. This could involve going for a walk, getting fresh air, drinking water, or listening to favorite music .These little rituals can supercharge your productivity.

Now, onto Mezzo recovery—quality sleep is non-negotiable. Avoiding social media, television, or external stimuli for at least 30-60 minutes before bed allows the brain to calm down and enter a state of deep, restorative sleep. After five days of work, ensure you have dedicated "ME" time for recovery. Engage in activities you enjoy, indulge in favorite foods, visit cherished places, and spend time with good friends.Mezzo rituals ensure you're recharged and ready for the week ahead.

And then there's Macro recovery- plan your next vacation with loved ones. By creating a vacation plan, you prime your mind to anticipate something exciting, fostering a positive mental and emotional state. When the day arrives, disconnect from work and immerse yourself fully in the vacation experience, exploring new wonders of life.

Speaking of vacations, I recently treated myself to a five-day escape in Lisbon with my family. From wandering historic sites to cruising on the iconic “Tram 28,” each moment was a delightful adventure. A day in Cascais, reminiscent of Thailand's Phuket, with its sun, beach, and breeze, reconnected us with the beauty of nature, acting as a healing process.  Oh, and let's not forget the delicious seafood and famous “pastel de nata” left us feeling amazed.

So, my friends, how do you plan to balance micro, mezzo, and macro recovery to thrive in 2024? Perhaps it's time to start dreaming up your next vacation!


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