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An Interactive Webinar on Stress Management. Cultivates Positive Emotions in Times of Uncertainties.

Our stress and negative emotions inevitably build up when we have to deal with demands and events that come from work, relationships, health issues, changes, uncertainties, etc. Stress can be a motivator; however, having persistent, overwhelming stress can adversely affect our well-being, both physical and mental, including high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, weak concentration, etc. There’s no getting away from the fact that everyone encounters stress because it is a normal part of life. Yet, we can learn how to cope with it through effective stress management techniques before it becomes chronic.

Last week, Mr. Matchy Ma, our Principal Consultant, and Ms. Katy Mok, our consultant who is also a certified mindfulness practitioner, delivered a 90-minute live webinar Managing Stress & Cultivate Positive Emotions in Times of Uncertainties to the employees of a listed public utility company. This interactive webinar is designed to build employees' emotional resilience and balance while cultivating positive emotions among them amid times of uncertainties.

With careful and thoughtful webinar design, participants were able to equip themselves with an effective stress-coping technique called N.B.A. - Name It. Befriend It. Accumulate It. – as well as practical tools that have scientifically proven to be suitable for working adults to alleviate stress and cultivate positive emotions in the workplace. They also enjoyed the virtual breakout sessions very much, in which they were able to reflect and share with their fellow colleagues about their own experiences in coping stress.

If you're looking for an interactive, engaging and effective virtual stress management program to equip your colleagues with practical techniques and tools to cultivate positive emotions at work, simply contact us via .

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