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Trusted Partner in the HR Transformation Journey

HR plays a critical role in the success of Manulife, therefore I only work with the best partners in our HR transformation journey. This year, we are delighted to partner with Talent Academy to design and develop the solutions.


In our highly engaging team effectiveness intervention, the whole HR team members are not only aligned with the vision and annual priorities, but our team bonding and collaboration are further strengthened. The career coaching workshop and follow-up sessions to upskill our HR team are very well designed and executed to ensure the learning sticks. With such a positive outcome, we plan to offer a modified version to our people leaders soon.


Special compliment goes to the solution designer and facilitator, Mr Matchy Ma, who blends the HR-business angels seamlessly with his strong psychological/professional background and business acumen. He is resourceful and flexible in customizing brilliant solutions to suit our needs

“Matchy is a gem and a true differentiator who had made the whole learning enjoyable and practical! We look forward to partnering with Talent Academy and him in bringing the best to Manulife!"


Selina Ko

Chief Human Resources Officer

Manulife (International) Limited

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