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Executive Coach / Facilitator / Trainer 


Joshua VOON


Joshua is an alchemical visionary… with a virtuoso mandate to transform ideas into income!

His expertise addresses the cultivation of peak-performance-proficiencies within corporate ecosystems. With mastery-based approaches to human transformation, Joshua’s array of competencies is expressed via a strategic blend of consulting, coaching, training and facilitation.

Joshua has designed and delivered programmes that focuses on helping teams acquire people skills that create authentic dialogue and language for building high-trust relationships.


Joshua has worked with Qatar Airways in designing, facilitating and continuously improving the exceptional people development offerings across the organisation. Focus is on assisting the People Development Strategy for Qatar Airways at all levels including future leaders, junior, middle and senior managers.


He has extensive experience via having engaged in both short and long-term assignments in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Vietnam; these initiatives have garnered him a depth of experience across the continuum of cultural diversity and human endeavor in the face of multi-faceted encounters. Joshua’s clients spans multiple industries: in aviation, pharmaceutical, financial services, telecommunications, retail, and non-profits.

  • Joshua graduated with an MBA from The University of Adelaide.

  • Under the direct tutelage of Dr. Michael Hall, Joshua achieved trainer-level qualifications in Neuro-Semantics, and in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, all complemented with his international accreditation as a Meta Coach, a confluence of credentials that enable him to create high-impact transformations within the challenge spaces of corporate confrontations.

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

  • Coaching, CEFTP - Coach U

  • Coaching Skills for Manager – Air Business Academy

  • Certified Results Coach - Results Coaching Systems

  • Certified HBDI™ Facilitator



Joshua has collaborated with Q3global, a group of worldwide ‘Meeting Architects’, working with a diverse pool of talents and thought leaders that focus on helping leaders and organisations become a force for good, in their unending quest to create a better world through the process of learning, collaboration and execution - today and for future generations.


His vision is to incite a Self-actualization  revolution and inspire an 'awaken' cosmos, so humankind stops being human cruel to move from harm to harmony, from hurts to halos. In business, to launch a global initiative towards Real  Capital Creation for L.I.F.E. (Leadership, Innovation, Fellowship, Entrepreneurship).  


As a keen student of Wing Chun, Joshua has cultivated the skill of ‘adaptive agility’ that has within it the reach and richness to inspire chain-reactions of success.

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