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Clients Testimonials

"Preparation is very important to each training, Highly appreciated Matchy who had taken time to understand the current staff mindsets and expected outcome. Then the training is customized to client needs.

Gabrielle Tsui

Senior Education Manager

Estee Lauder Companies

"Have a sound understanding of client needs and to provide reliable services. Remain flexible to deploy the learning solutions. Matchy was able to acquire a sound understanding of our needs and to translate that onto the proposal. To better tailored to our needs, he also remained flexible to modify the outline and to agree on the terms and conditions. As a lead facilitator, Sidney's enthusiasm and his skillful facilitation was greatly appreciated in the training sessions."


Russell Siu

VP, Head of Talent Development & Culture, Hong Kong


"Extremely satisfied with the services and the quality of learning solutions Talent Academy provided.  The commitment to the training delivery quality and concerns to the learners' take away."


Jeorffrey So

Staff Development Manager

St. James' Settlement

"I appreciate their professional consultancy and facilitation services, with detailed preparations and follow-up actions with clients."


Daniel Au Yeung

Organization & Leadership Development Manager, AP

Southco Asia

"The capability of the trainer to deliver quality programs. Participants' feedback received in previous company that worked with Talent Academy."

Tiffany Yan

Manager, Learning & Development


"Great Presentation and Facilitation Skills. Tailor-made Programs with Work from Heart. Sometimes have Value-added Items in the Programs."


Ivan Shum

Vice President, Training Centre

Shanghai Commercial Bank

"Professional. Nice service. Great facilitation skills. Serious attitude. The great facilitation and engaging classroom atmosphere portrayed by Matchy are the key reasons why I think it's satisfying and nice."


Veronica Tso

Learning & Development Officer

"Professionalism. Outputs are of quality. Engaging and energizing delivery."

Jennifer Yu

Senior Officer, Learning & Culture


Professional. Able to listen to clients' need and provide advice and ideas accordingly.

Joanna Chan

HR Manager


"Good facilitator and program design."

Joann Chun

Assistant HR Manager


"Professional Expertise in Management & Coaching."


Edith Kam

HK Head of Partner Resources


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