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Aligning & Engaging Employees Towards the Mars Vision

Mars Inc. is a private, family owed business with rich history and some of the best-loved brands in the world. The  business operates across six business segments: Petcare, Chocolate, Food, Wrigley, Drinks and Symbioscience. The Mars Five Principles of Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom are the foundation of the company’s culture and its approach to business. The company’s objective is to create a mutuality of benefits for all of our stakeholders. They strive to do this by putting the Principles into action every day to make a difference to people and the planet through the performance.


For The Mars Hong Kong, building on their success of the past 5 years Vision Day, they organized the 6th year Vision Day in 2014.  This year, the focus would be on “positivity, determination and winning together as a team” which are the key success factors to sustain MARS’s market position and fight against keen competitions, overcome complacency, and meet stretch business growth targets.


With the previous 5 years successful Vision Day, the demand for a breakthrough, yet engaging and practical Vision Day design and delivery was critical. Being known for creating innovative and client-oriented solutions, Talent Academy brought in the Guinness World-Recorder Holder, Mr Brian Cha, to cross-over with our organizational psychologist, Mr. Matchy Ma, for designing  and delivering the 2014 Vision Day for The Mars Hong Kong. The theme was “Dream, Positivity, Persistence, to be Number 1”.  Blended with the motivational story of Brian, together the well-designed experiential activities, the 2014 Vision Day was very well received by the management team members and all the employees.


With the success of the 2014 Vision Day, Talent Academy was invited again to design and deliver the 2015 Vision Day, with the focus in equipping the team to unleash their potentials in embracing changes and think differently to generate creative ideas that impact on the business and customers. In this year, Talent Academy was also invited to be the designer and facilitator for their one-day offsite business meeting, so as to gauge the team to use the innovation techniques learnt  to generate breakthrough business ideas. In the session, employees were actively participating and contributing a number of new and different ideas to serve the customers, and improve the current processes.

It was a fantastic experience to have partnership with Talent Academy on our signature company program – “2014 & 2015 Vision Day”. Our associates, our organizing team and management teams were high impressed by the professionalism offered to us during the whole journey, from design to delivery. Again, the workshop run by Matchy was definitely more than a classic team building one. With his commercial and professional background, he managed to integrate our business essences into the workshop with practicality and interaction, strengthening our alignment and engagement. We look forward to working with Matchy and his team again in the future.


Tammy Wong

Personnel & Organization Manager

MARS Foods Hong Kong

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