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Jetta CHAN

Jetta is a seasoned corporate trainer and facilitator with more than ten years of management and training experience of leading highly effective training teams and providing training consultancy services in established companies.  He specializes in building positive organizational culture and enhancing employees’ leadership capabilities for a broad spectrum of companies in different industries.

When Jetta was working as the head of training in a renowned Swiss watch-making and jewelry company, he led a team of training professionals to deliver training solutions to support the business in Greater China & North Asia regions. He also took a regional role as a training specialist to support the development of over 1,000 employees in one of the largest luxury watch and jewelry groups in the world. 


Jetta has been designing and delivering training programs and providing consultancy services for a wide range of clients, including HSBC, MTR, AON, JLL, Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, UPS, RTHK, Red Cross, Department of Health, CUHK, PolyU, etc.



Jetta is often regarded by his trainees as an energetic, humorous, knowledgeable, influential and inspirational trainer.

Over the years, Jetta has been equipping himself with excellent training and facilitation skills through a variety types of tools such as Enneagram, MBTI, Coaching, etc. 


He is able to use different training methodologies, such as experiential learning, simulation activities, case studies and role-playing, to engage participants and facilitate the learning process in a highly impactful and effective manner. 


Jetta has solid experience of designing and delivering programs in the areas of Team Synergy Enhancement, Luxury Retail, Sales & Services, Self-Development, Train-the-Trainer, Communication and Public Speaking, etc.  His extensive exposure to different training arenas also allows him to develop sound training 



Jetta has been regarding himself as a ‘trainaholic’ since he was a college student. He has a great passion for training and is very much addicted to it. He does not only conduct training in his professional roles, but he also acts as a volunteer trainer in his leisure time.  He has dedicated his time and effort in raising his professionalism by attending a number of training and education programs as continuous learning.


Apart from being a professional trainer, Jetta is also a professional MC.  He has been providing quality MC service to different corporations, schools…and even wedding banquets and baby showers! His positive, energetic and humorous emcee style always make the events joyful and memorable for the hosts and the audience.


Jetta loves all kinds of performing and martial art, especially HK movies, stand-up comedy and Chinese kung fu. He has been a drama actor and taekwondo practitioner for over 20 years.     

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