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Facilitator / Trainer

Janet Tan

Janet is a seasoned multilingual facilitator, Janet has more than 15 years of experience growing lea-ders, from first time managers to C suite executives in global organi-zations such as Citibank and Royal Dutch Shell. Her work experiences in Citibank included Head of Learning & Development and Regional Master Facilitator. In Shell, she was an integral member of the global team focusing on talent development in Asia. She has more than 20 years of ex-perience in the learning space, including leadership development and coaching.


In her various leadership and coaching roles, Janet has worked as a cultural ‘bridge builder’ supporting executives to build skills in areas of stakeholder management, performance management and to integrate diverse global teams.


Janet has facilitated in the Netherlands, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.


Janet received a special recognition award for an action-learning intervention in Shell that was accorded the prestigious CEO Award.


As part of a talent development initiative, Janet developed a competency framework and roadmap for Citibank Retail Banking, Asia Pacific front line sales and service staff.


As a Master trainer in Citibank, Janet also developed a virtual certification process for  trainers and a faculty accreditation framework to ensure high level of consistency of trainers in the region.

Janet has gained the professional designations as below:

  • MSc in HRD & Performance Management (University of Leicester)

  • Diploma in Training & Development (University of Leicester)

  • ICC Certified Master Coach

  • MBTI Qualified, APT Qualifying Training Program, 2004

  • Hay Group – Emotional & Social Competency Inventory

  • Personnel Decision Inventory, PDI – 360 Profilor

  • Strength Deployment Inventory, SDI

  • Situational Leadership II – Ken Blanchard

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People



Described by her clients as caring, articulate and confident, Janet is skilled at creating a safe and supportive environment so robust conversations for change can occur.  Expect to be engaged and supported.


Janet is a supporter of the Straits Time School Pocket Money Fund –baking a limited edition of cereal cookies yearly to help increase awareness and raise funds for this cause.


She also helps out at Willing Hearts that runs a kitchen to prepare and distribute 5000 daily meals for the needy.


Janet is an avid yoga practitioner, having picked up yoga 2 years back to improve her physical flexibility. She has since moved on to Inversions and is now working towards being certified as a yoga teacher in the near future.

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