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Unique Design Philisophy 

Science Makes Learning Stick

How do people change? What are the ingredients for lasting change?

How do people learn? What makes learning stick?

How do we transfer learning into actions? What contributes to better performance? 

Great programs and workshops don't just happen - they're designed. Producing a great learning experience is a lot like producing a great product. You don't just build it. You think about it, plan it, and design it. 

The key to successful workshop lies in building insights and excitement even before the development workshop so that the participants will be filled with anticipation and an eagerness to participate. We then translate implicit anticipation into explicit participation. This high touch and high impact learning experience will make learning stick and memorable, while providing practical and easy-to-apply tools afterwards. Emphasis will be on practical applications and spontaneous integration in daily life.

“Behavioral changes do not happen in a day. They happen in daily deliberate practices.”

A Wise Man

How we do it

Secrets of Learning


Understand organizational and individual needs via different types of diagnostic tools. 

Engage the participants via multiple sensory learning experiences that fits different learning styles. 

Touch Points

Touch the participants' minds and hearts at different points of the development journey to sustain learning momentum. 

Tools to Unlock

Provide easy-to-apply and practical tools to use beyond the classroom. 

Say "I Do"

Make a commitment to affirm one's intention and action for positive changes. 

Different Formats to Fit

Different Organizational Needs 

Our learning content can be transformed into a variety of delivery formats. 

Bite-size Learning

Keynote Speech

Keynote Speech for clients' special event. 

Bite-size learning via Lunch & Learn session or 90-minutes interactive learning session. 

Interactive Workshops

Interactive Workshops, ranging from 0.5 days to 5 days or longer-term development intervention spread across 3 to 12 months. 


1 on 1, Group or Field Coaching that fit to the clients needs. 

Virtual Learing

Sustain learning momentum via online learning platform

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