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[Our First Delivery of Train-The-Virtual-Trainer Program on Webex]


Last week, we delivered our flagship virtual program - Train-The-Virtual-Trainer Program – to a group of corporate participants on Webex for the first time. They joined us from different locations in the region - China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Philippine; and the program turned out very well.

Frankly speaking, I recalled that when I used Webex in my first virtual training project back in February 2020, its interface was not user-friendly at all.

However, my recent experience with Webex has totally changed the way I feel about it. When I was delivering the virtual TTVT program by using Webex last week, I realized that it has made a lot of improvement in terms of user experience, such as its layout, function keys, etc. Although I’m not sure whether Webex is kind of mimicking Zoom’s design and functions, it is now able to provide the users with seamless and satisfying virtual experiences. Well, learning from competitors and building on unique strengths to stand out from the crowd are always keys to business success, aren’t they?

Having said that, Zoom is still my top pick for delivering virtual training. However, I am excited to see how technological advancements continue to be a key enabler for business continuity and resiliency amid the pandemic.

Our 10th intake of Train-The-Virtual-Trainer Certification Program is around the corner. It will be held on 23 & 30 April 2021, 9am to 1pm. If you aspire to enhance your competencies in virtual training design and delivery, register now to enjoy the early bird offer and special discount for 2 (valid till 26 March 2021). Click on this link for program details and enrollment. Hope to see you soon in the program.

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