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Reaching Another Milestone: A Successful Rollout of our TTVT Certification Program to the Public

Following the first two successful runs targeted to the in-house trainers of two multinational companies, we have extended our new flagship program Train-The-Virtual-Trainer (TTVT) Certification Program to training professionals across different industries in the community, helping them to transform into great virtual trainers.

Throughout the two 4-hour sessions in the virtual classroom, participants had plenty of opportunities to learn, exchange and practise the essential skills in virtual training design and delivery. Application activities were incorporated into the program to ensure a strong transfer of learning. Participants received immediate, constructive feedback from our seasoned facilitators and fellow virtual classmates to increase learning effectiveness and retention.

To demonstrate how virtual trainers can keep participants interested and engaged in the virtual training, a blend of learning modalities were infused into this program so that participants could experience different online tools firsthand, such as Quizz – a cloud-based tool for reinforcing learning via interactive and competitive quizzes, and Mural – a virtual facilitation tool for creating collaborative learning. Our training team commits themselves to staying stay abreast of the latest virtual technologies and the best online tools, striving not only to enrich virtual participants’ learning experiences in this certification program but also enable them to make their future virtual training programs a surefire success.

We are so glad to have received very positive responses from all program participants. Here’s what they say about our Train-The-Virtual-Trainer Certification Program:

“This training is a very experiential one. Highly recommended for all trainers who want to advance their virtual training skills.” – Edmund Chok, Assistant Manager Human Resources, New World Development Company

“Thanks to Matchy and Christopher’s lively and experienced facilitation, it has been an eye-opening and useful learning experience for me. It changes my concept of an ideal virtual training experience which can be as lively and impactful as a face-to-face learning.” – Krim Chan, Career Consultant, Co-Journey Career Consultant

“Very inspiring and fruitful learning journey even just 2 half-day training. Your sharing do give me confidence and ignite my creativity to develop a successful virtual training class.” – Jeremy Yu, Regional Assistant Talent Development Manager, Informa Markets Asia

“Great trainers with vase experience and knowledge. Very confident, attentive and offer valuable advice.” – Maria Chan, Executive Director, ElitePlus Sports Solutions Limited

If you or your colleagues think that doing virtual training is a formidable task, come to join our 5th intake (October 16 & 23, 2020). We will help you equip with the necessary skills in virtual training design and the latest knowledge about some of the best online tools. Click on here to find out more the program.

Enroll now and you will get a free 60-minute post-program 1 on 1 consultation session with the facilitator. A special offer for 2 persons is also available. ACT NOW!

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