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Keeping Ourselves on the Cutting Edge of the Learning & Development Industry

Trainers are lifelong learners too. Even the most seasoned, experienced trainers must continue to develop professionally, so they will not fall behind in their own knowledge, tools and skills required to provide high-impact training programs and the best learning experience.

Last month, Matchy and Christopher, our two principal consultants, attended a 3-day European conference - The Interactive Techniques for Improved Learning Conference (ITIL) organized by the Thiagi Group. Together with participants joining from Europe, they had the opportunity to learn an array of new learning tools, as well as innovative strategies that can make face-to-face and virtual training more engaging and effective. They also learnt about the growing trends of the learning and development in the digital age.

Throughout the conference, they enjoyed variety of interesting topics that included:

  • 7 Quick Learning Activities to Avoid Lecture

  • 10 Principles for Improving Facilitation Skills

  • Flexing your Presence as a Facilitator

  • Practical Tips for Improving Evaluation & Transferring Learning

  • Rapid Instructional Design

  • Jolts! Wake up & Engage the Participants

  • Improving & Increasing Instructional Effectiveness through Debriefing

  • Technology Trends

By taking back inspirations from this thought-provoking event, both of them believe that, with their fingers on the pulse of the training and development field, they will be able to provide training programs that are more interactive and engaging, resulting in better learner experience and greater value creation for clients in terms of organizational development and employee performance.

New technologies and innovations are driving the learning and development industry forward at supersonic speed. If you want to equip yourself with the latest skills and knowledge in virtual training and grasp the opportunities to learn from other training practitioners in order to stay abreast of the industry, don’t miss the chance to join our upcoming Train-The-Virtual-Trainer Certification Program (23 & 30 April 2021). Click on here for program details and enrollment. Act now!

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