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【Performance Management Tips for Managers 業績效核 經理錦囊】


績效面談並不是從年終開始的。這對話是經常和持續發生的, 你的員工不會對所談內容感到意外。– 這是一家國際銀行的管理文化。


1。你認識你的員工嗎? 你能總結員工的能力、工作態度和職業抱負嗎? 這像是很容易! 嘗試切身處地,用他們的角度出發,這有助於你了解員工並建立良好的默契。

2。你想在面談中達到什麽目標和傳達什麽關鍵信息? 你對這問題的回應直接主導面談的內容和方法。 例如,“我要給予下屬更多的鼓勵和支持,不要過分談論他較差的工作表現."

3。你如何能進行不一樣的面談? 會否是有互動的對話, 或是通過提問以尋找事情的根源 , 或是一個坦率和尊重的對話, 或是完全專注於員工的面談......?

As a manager, how can you carry out an effective and engaging performance discussion? Let's hear the sharing from our consultant, Ms Doris Kwong.

The performance discussion does not start at the year end. It is a regular and continuous conversation without surprises to your staff. – This has been the culture for managers at an international bank.

We raised three questions aiming at strengthening the skills of the managers of this bank in conducting more motivational performance discussion in our recent training workshops:

1. Do you Know Your Staff? Are you able to summarize the competence, work attitude and career aspiration of your staff? This appears too obvious! Consider putting yourself into the shoes of your staff and this helps you to relate and establish good rapport with him.

2. What is your Objective and the Key Message for the discussion? Your answer to this question directs the content and the way you conduct the discussion. For example, “I should show more encouragement and support for my under-performing staff instead of focusing too much on his poor performance.”

3. How could you Conduct the Discussion differently? Could it be a two-way dialogue, or asking questions to drill to the root of an issue, or a candid and respectful conversation, or a session completely focusing on the staff...?

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