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The Peninsula Hotels

Sustaining the 6-Star Service through Service Coaching 

The Peninsula Hong Kong — or ‘The Pen’ as it is known locally — is a Hong Kong landmark. A witness to the city’s eventful history, the hotel has been serving guests in style since 1928. Afternoon Tea at The Pen has become a Hong Kong institution, and a pleasant way to take in its gilded, columned lobby and glamorous clientele.


Given the keen market competition and high customer expectation in the luxury hotel industry, the Peninsula Hotels has been striving for improvement and excellence not only in their hardware (the environment / facilities / food and beverage etc. ), but also the software (the people).


With our research and practical experiences in the psychology of changes and coaching, Talent Academy was invited to support The Peninsula Hong Kong leadership development in the areas of leading and embracing changes as well as service coaching skills. All the middle and senior managers went through the development journey with active participation, engagement, and learning. Follow-up small group coaching sessions were arranged to instill accountability and  support the learning application.


With the foundation of the service coaching in place, the journey towards building a positive coaching culture is one step closer. By equipping managers with essential coaching capabilities, they are able to give timely feedback and coaching to the employees, who in turn deliver the 6-star customer experiences to the guests. 

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Talent Academy for the design and facilitation of “From Good to Great” and “Service Coaching across Generations” to our Managers and Supervisors. Our managers were in particular impressed by Matchy’s professional yet humorous facilitation by relating the practical skills to psychology theories, which they can easily understand and see the possibility to manage and improve team performance through coaching.


Ms. Nancy Lee

Director of Learning & Development

The Peninsula Hong Kong

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